Friday, October 14, 2016

Faithful Citizenship

In every aspect of life as a disciple of Jesus the gift of Faith is a light that will help us find our way. Whether we speak of stewardship of our time, our finances, or our duty as citizens in this country in which we live, we want to be guided by the Lord to do what is in accord with God's will.

Please take time as you prepare to vote to pray for your candidates. To pray for wisdom in making good selections. Guided by the light of Faith, we can make good prudential judgements invite the Lord into the needs of our country.

Two resources to help you form your conscience as you prepare to vote. OSV is a publisher of Catholic books, and they prepared a website which has a faithful and straightforward review of some of the big issues to consider when trying to vote in the light of your Catholic Faith. You can find it here.

Another resource is the website of the United States Catholic Bishops. Their booklet on faithful citizenship is a more in depth review and reflection on conscientious voting. You can find that here.

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